DRD3 egroups

DRD3 e-groups

DRD3 community - self subscription (requires CERN account or CERN lightweight account)

drd3-community-subscribers - subscribe/unsubscribe  [The DRD3 community list - communication to all collaboration members]

DRD3 working groups - self subscription (requires CERN account or CERN lightweight account)

drd3-wg1-monolithic - (un)subscribe   [WG1 - Monolithic silicon technologies]
drd3-wg2-hybrid       - (un)subscribe   [WG2 - Hybrid silicon technologies]
drd3-wg3-radiation   - (un)subscribe   [WG3 - Radiation damage and extreme fluences]
drd3-wg4-simulations - (un)subscribe [WG4 - Simulation]
drd3-wg5-facilities - (un)subscribe    [WG5 -Characterization techniques and facilities]
drd3-wg6-non-silicon - (un)subscribe   [WG6 - Non-silicon based detectors]
drd3-wg7-interconnect - (un)subscribe   [WG7 - Interconnect technologies]
drd3-wg8-outreach - (un)subscribe   [WG8 - Dissemination and outreach]

DRD3 working groups contact emails

drd3-wg1-conveners  - Leaders of WG1 - Monolithic silicon technologies
drd3-wg2-conveners - Leaders of WG2 - Hybrid silicon technologies
drd3-wg3-conveners - Leaders of WG3 - Radiation damage and extreme fluences
drd3-wg4-conveners - Leaders of WG4 - Simulation
drd3-wg5-conveners - Leaders of WG5 - Characterization techniques and facilities
drd3-wg6-conveners - Leaders of WG6 - Non-silicon based detectors
drd3-wg7-conveners - Leaders of WG7 - Interconnect technologie
drd3-wg8-conveners - Leaders of WG8 - Dissemination and outreach

DRD3 management team (partly restricted submission rights)

drd3-spokespersons    : contact to spokesperson and deputies
drd3-management       : spokesperson, cb chair and respective deputies; used for DRDC access
drd3-wg-wp-conveners: list of WG and WP conveners; used for access to SG meetings

DRD3 collaborationg board egroups (partly restricted submission rights)

drd3-CB-chairs : contact to CB chair and deputy
drd3-CB : all CB members, DRD3 managment team, conveners; used for access to CB meetings
drd3-CB-voters: used for CB voting; one account for each DRD3 institute