WG 4 - Simulation

The simulation working group will be dedicated to the development of common simulation packages, tools, and radiation models. There will be two lines of activities that will be pursued: TCAD tools and so-called Monte Carlo (MC) tools. While the former is commonly used in sensor design, process simulation, and radiation damage modeling the latter are extensively tested in sensor performance evaluation benefiting from much faster code and integration of other software packages.
Another important activity in WG4 will be the continuation of radiation hardness (bulk and surface) modeling, starting from the defect level using mainly TCAD, but also MC tools. Radiation hardness models for wide bandgap semiconductors (WBS) will be explored and developed. The WG4 will be an important part of many working groups and work packages: it will contribute to the simulations of sensor development and performance in WG1 and WG2, it will collaborate with WG3 to incorporate in the simulation the latest understanding of radiation damage, it will be used to optimize the developments of common tools (WG5), and will facilitate the use of WBS (WG6) by incorporating their properties in the simulation package.


DRD3 Scientific Proposal: pdf

Next Events

1st WG4 Scientific Preparatory Meeting (online), Jun 3, 2024, 10:00 AM (CEST): Indico Agenda
5th Allpix Squared User Workshop, May 22–24, 2024: Indico Agenda

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WG4 contact email: drd3-wg4-conveners
WG4 meetings: Indico Page
WG4 e-group (self subscription): drd3-wg4-simulations